POS Repair and Maintenance Services

Repair, maintenance & warehouse your POS hardware.

We fix terminals, barcode scanners, touchscreens, cash registers & printers.

POS repair and maintenance services for point of sale system hardware and software

POSRG helps businesses keep their point-of-sale systems running smoothly with a range of services, from setup and installation to maintenance, repair, and warehousing. Our managed POS services mean you’re never on your own, whether you’re dealing with a glitchy terminal or planning a big system update. It’s all about making sure your POS system works so that you can focus on your business, not on tech troubles. Our service team will help you stay ahead of equipment issues and get back to operations when problems occur.



Cost-effective program that meets your short and long-term objectives.

POSRG is committed to maintaining and extending your IT equipment’s life cycle. We provide regular preventative maintenance, spare pools, depot repair, and advanced exchange programs to continue to support your hardware long past typical extended warranty periods.
Warranty Repair Center
Support solutions for all major manufacturers of POS products, including in and out-of-warranty equipment diagnostics.
Top Level Repair Technicians
Top Level Repair Technicians
More than 100,000 field technicians are available onsite in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
Rapid Turnaround Time
Our in house facility works quickly and efficiently with a 3-5 business day timeframe.

Our POS services include:

restaurant employee using POS system
  • POS hardware repair
  • POS installation
  • IT setup
  • Staging for new rollouts
  • Preventive care
  • Testing and diagnostics
  • Warehousing your POS hardware
  • Onsite services
Repair and Maintain Hardware red icon

Hardware Repair and Maintenance

  • POS Terminals
  • Cash Drawers
  • Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Card Readers
  • Customer Displays
  • Signature Capture Devices
  • Scales
  • Tablet POS Systems
  • Kiosk Terminals
  • Mobile POS Devices
  • Wireless or Bluetooth Printers
  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • PIN Pads
  • Money Counters
  • Coin Dispenser
  • ID Scanner
  • Networking Hardware
  • Label Printers
Brands and Manufacturers parter red icon

Brands and Manufacturers

We repair, manage, maintain, and store POS hardware across all industries from our partners, including:

  • Zebra Technologies
  • Honeywell
  • Epson
  • NCR Corporation
  • Verifone
  • Motorola Solutions (now part of Zebra)
  • HP Inc.
  • Dell
  • Cisco Systems
  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu
  • Toshiba Tec Corporation
  • …and others!
Point of Sale Repair for All Industries red icon

Point of Sale Repair for All Industries

Our point of sale hardware services touch every industry, including:

We have thousands of satisfied customers who love our quick turnaround and onsite services.

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Depot Maintenance

Point of sale equipment ages over time, eventually requiring that you make a decision: repair or replace? We repair and refurbish your IT assets at a flat rate with no contractual obligations.

Onsite Maintenance

When you don’t have the time or the capacity to deliver your point of sale equipment to us for repair, we’re more than happy to come to you. Our expert on-call technicians are standing by and are capable of repairing all major tech brands.

Advance Exchange

When time is of the essence, and you can’t afford to lose productivity to bad equipment or a slow IT response, we provide a comprehensive Advance Exchange program with next business day replacement in advance of receiving the returned defective item.
Refurbished replacement parts

Extended warranty coverage

We offers a full 90-day advance exchange warranty on the refurbished POS equipment we sell. We also customize flexible, unconditional extended warranty plans for your product lifecycle needs.
Painting & Bondo work

Buy back

Regardless of age, your legacy POS assets have value. If you are trading in your point of sale hardware for new equipment and need a cost-effective way to dispose of your current devices, we’ll buy it back!
Full diagnostics & technical testing

Full diagnostics & technical testing

Our parts store is a convenient and quick way to find point of sale equipment. We will help you build a tailored solution that keeps your POS equipment and repair budget in mind.

IT service capabilities to keep your stores running

Like-new repair options provide performance and function

  • Board level repair
  • Plastic repair
  • Printer repair
  • Painting and bondo work

Service plans save time

Customizable, flexible maintenance programs

Your company’s ongoing IT service plan will be tailored to the needs of your retail store, restaurant, arena, gas station, warehouse or manufacturing facility. We perform maintenance on used point of sale materials that require complete reassembly, modifications, subassemblies, testing and reclamation. All repaired hardware is covered under our standard 90-day advance exchange warranty.

Help Desk Services

Our dedicated team of experts are ready to field your phone calls, emails, tickets generated from our website resource center and text messages to communicate your post-purchase needs.

Project Management

POSRG will support your systems from installation to removal. We are here for hardware and software issues, expanding the POS lifecycle.

Customer Service Center

Our point of sale equipment gurus will quickly and calmly help you troubleshoot and resolve your specific IT issue.

Point of Sale Solutions
For Every Type of Business

Explore and execute peak POS performance

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Reimagine the retail experience with technology that improves operations.

warehouse manager using mobile POS system for inventory management


Improve inventory management with tough and tech-savvy mobile products.

grocery store Cashier scanning food items with their POS system


Rising demands require rapid and reliable hardware and services.

Floorman controlling robotic arms with a mobile pos system


Modern solutions support compliance, visibility and productivity.

IT equipment that holds up against high transaction volumes.


IT equipment that holds up against high transaction volumes.

Black woman patron checking out on a mobile pos by their waiter


Streamline FOH and BOH operations with devices that deliver.

Complete point of sale hardware, software and security for dispensaries.


Complete point of sale hardware, software and security for dispensaries.

Gaming slot machines


Keep lines moving with devices designed to handle large audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my POS terminal?

To fix a POS terminal, start by restarting the device to clear temporary software issues. If the problem persists, check connections for any loose cables or damaged ports. For software-related issues, updating or reinstalling the POS application may be necessary. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, contacting POSRG for POS system repair services is suggested to ensure a proper diagnostic and fix.

What are the common errors that occur on POS?

Common errors on POS systems include software glitches, hardware failures like malfunctioning printers or scanners, network connectivity issues, and data synchronization problems. Regular maintenance can help prevent these issues, and most can be fixed by restarting the device, updating the software, or repairing or replacing faulty hardware.

How do I install a POS system?

To install a POS system efficiently:

  1. Select a Suitable POS System for your business needs.
  2. Set Up Hardware like terminals and printers.
  3. Install and Configure POS Software with your products and settings.
  4. Test the System to ensure everything works correctly.
  5. Train Your Staff on using the new system.

For a hassle-free installation, POSRG offers professional POS system setup and installation services. They’ll handle the entire process, ensuring your system is correctly installed, configured, and ready for business.

What does the maintenance of a POS system involve?

Maintenance of a POS system involves regular software updates, cleaning of hardware components, securing internet connections, and routine checks for hardware wear and tear. Preventive maintenance can include data backup and training staff on troubleshooting basic issues to ensure smooth operation.

Why is my cash drawer not working?

A non-working cash drawer could be due to a disconnected cable, a jammed mechanism, or software settings preventing it from opening. Ensure the drawer is properly connected to the POS terminal or receipt printer and check for any physical obstructions. If the issue is not resolved, consider consulting the manual or seeking professional repair services with POSRG.

How do I open the cash drawer in POS?

To open the cash drawer in a POS system, usually, a transaction or a no-sale operation needs to be initiated through the POS software, which sends a signal to the drawer to open. If it doesn’t open, check the physical connection between the drawer and the POS terminal or receipt printer. Manual release mechanisms (like a key) can also be used if the automatic feature fails.

How do I reset my POS printer?

To reset a POS printer, turn it off and unplug it from the power source for about a minute. Reconnect and turn it back on. For a more comprehensive reset, consult the printer’s manual for specific instructions which may involve holding down a button upon startup. This can resolve many connectivity or software-related issues.

How do I reset my ticket printer?

Resetting a ticket printer usually involves turning the printer off, waiting a few seconds, and then turning it back on. For a more thorough reset, you might need to press and hold a reset button or combination of buttons as you power on the device, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Check the printer’s manual for specific reset procedures.

Do barcode scanners wear out?

Yes, barcode scanners can wear out over time, especially mechanical parts like triggers or moving lenses in laser scanners. Constant use, exposure to dust, drops, or spills can accelerate wear. However, with proper maintenance and care, barcode scanners can last several years before needing replacement.

How do you maintain a barcode scanner?

Maintaining a barcode scanner involves regular cleaning of the scanning window with a soft, lint-free cloth, avoiding direct sunlight exposure, and protecting it from drops and spills. Also, periodically check and secure connections to the POS system. This maintenance helps ensure reliable performance and extends the scanner’s lifespan.

Why is there no signal on my card reader?

No signal on a card reader can result from connectivity issues, such as loose or damaged cables, incorrect setup, or a malfunctioning reader. Check the physical connections, ensure the reader is correctly configured in the POS system settings, and try restarting the device. If the issue persists, the card reader may need repair or replacement.

Why is my card machine not accepting my card?

If your card machine is not accepting a card, it could be due to a dirty or damaged card reader, an expired or damaged card, or a temporary system issue. Clean the reader slot, ask the customer to try another card, and ensure the machine is online. If the problem persists, resetting the machine or contacting support may be necessary.

How do I activate my signature pad?

To activate a signature pad, connect it to your POS system using the provided cables or via Bluetooth. Install any necessary drivers or software, and configure it within your POS software settings. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any device-specific setup steps.

Can a POS machine screen be repaired?

Yes, a POS machine screen can be repaired. Screen issues, such as cracks or unresponsiveness, usually require professional replacement of the touch panel or LCD. It’s important to use authorized repair services to ensure compatibility and prevent further damage.

What is the PIN pad error in Verifone?

PIN pad errors in Verifone devices can indicate issues like communication failures with the POS system, input errors, or internal malfunctions. Resolving these errors often involves resetting the device, checking the connection cables, or reconfiguring the terminal settings in your POS system.

How do you clean a money counter?

To clean a money counter, turn off and unplug the device, then use a soft brush or compressed air to remove dust and debris from the bill paths. Clean the exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or liquids that could damage the machine.

How do I fix a POS network error?

To fix a POS network error, verify your internet connection, restart your router and POS system, and check all network cables for secure connections. If the issue continues, updating the POS software or consulting with your network provider for further diagnostics may be needed.

Can a POS be repaired?

Yes, POS systems can be repaired. Issues ranging from hardware malfunctions, software errors, to connectivity problems can often be fixed through troubleshooting, component replacement, or software updates. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial to restore optimal functionality and extend the life of POS equipment.

What is the life expectancy of a POS system?

The life expectancy of a POS system typically ranges from 5 to 7 years, depending on the quality of the hardware, the environment in which it’s used, and how well it is maintained. Regular updates and proper maintenance can extend its useful life, making it a valuable investment for businesses.

How often should I Maintenance my POS hardware?

Maintenance on your POS hardware quarterly and conduct more comprehensive inspections annually, especially in high-traffic settings. Regular maintenance prevents disruptions and extends hardware life. For businesses looking for expert support, POSRG offers professional maintenance services, ensuring your POS system operates efficiently and reliably.

How do you resolve POS problems?

Resolving POS problems typically involves identifying the issue (software, hardware, connectivity), following troubleshooting steps (rebooting, reconnecting, updating software), consulting the system’s manual, and seeking assistance from technical support. For more complex issues, professional repair or replacement by POSRG may be necessary.

What is cash drawer maintenance?

Cash drawer maintenance involves regularly cleaning the drawer, checking for and removing jams, ensuring smooth operation of the mechanism, and verifying that it locks securely. It also includes inspecting the connection to the POS system and making sure the triggering mechanism (usually via receipt printer) functions correctly. This preventive care helps extend the life and reliability of the cash drawer. POSRG provides preventative maintenance services for cash drawers.

How do I fix my receipt printer that won't print?

To fix a non-printing receipt printer, start by checking the power and connection cables. Ensure it has paper loaded correctly and that there are no jams inside. Updating or reinstalling printer drivers and checking the POS software settings for correct printer selection can also resolve issues. If problems persist, contact POSRG for professional repair services.

Which type of printer is used in POS machines usually?

Thermal printers are commonly used in POS systems due to their speed, efficiency, and quiet operation, making them ideal for printing receipts and orders in retail and hospitality environments. They work by applying heat to special thermal paper, producing text and images without ink or toner.

How do I fix my barcode scanner?

To fix a barcode scanner, ensure it’s properly connected to the POS system. Clean the scanner lens with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust or fingerprints that could interfere with scanning. Check the scanner settings in your POS software. If it’s still not working, reset the scanner or consult the manual for troubleshooting tips. If issues persist, contact POSRG for professional repair.

How long does a barcode scanner last?

A barcode scanner typically lasts between 5 to 7 years, depending on the usage intensity, the environment in which it’s used, and the build quality of the scanner. Regular cleaning and careful use can significantly extend its lifespan.

How do I fix my credit card reader?

To fix a credit card reader, start by ensuring it’s properly connected to the POS system and powered on. Clean the card reader slot with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and debris. If it’s a software issue, try restarting the POS system or updating the reader’s firmware. For persistent problems, professional repair or replacement may be needed.

How long do card readers last?

Card readers typically have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, depending on the volume of use, maintenance, and the environment they’re used in. Regular cleaning and careful handling can help extend their operational life.

Can a POS screen be fixed?

Yes, POS screens can be fixed. Issues like cracks, unresponsiveness, or display problems can often be resolved by replacing the screen or the touch panel. It’s important to consult a professional repair service to ensure the replacement is compatible and properly installed.

How do I fix my POS printer?

To fix your POS printer, check for paper jams, ensure it has enough paper, and verify that it’s properly connected to your POS system. Updating or reinstalling printer drivers and checking the printer settings in your POS software can also help. If it’s a hardware issue, contacting the manufacturer or a professional repair service may be necessary.

How do you reset a PIN pad?

Resetting a PIN pad varies by model but generally involves turning off the device, waiting a few seconds, and turning it back on. Some models may require pressing a specific button combination upon restart for a full reset. Consult the device manual for precise instructions.

How reliable are money counters?

Money counters are generally reliable for counting large volumes of cash quickly and accurately. Their reliability can be affected by the condition of the bills and the quality of the counter. Regular maintenance and using high-quality machines can enhance reliability.

How do you troubleshoot a barcode scanner?

Troubleshooting a barcode scanner involves checking the connection to the POS system, cleaning the scanning lens, ensuring the scanner is correctly configured in the POS software, and resetting the scanner. If problems persist, consulting the manual or seeking professional repair may be necessary.

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