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Reimagining The Retail Experience

Adapt to new consumer

Adapt to new consumer habits

We will assess aging assets and showcase hardware solutions that serve today’s customer.

Modernize your retail infrastructure

Speed up processing time, increase inventory visibility and have the mobility needed for the current retail climate.

Full service and support

Our team performs on-site wirings, rollouts and installations, preventative maintenance and service repair calls.

Trade in and trade up

POSRG will purchase your store’s used hardware, and in many cases, offer rebates toward new product lines. We also offer end-of-life recycling and secure data destruction.

Optimize retail operations with our expertise

POSRG offers a multitude of offerings that not only get your stores up and running, but keep them performing at peek levels.

Accelerating Growth In Grocery


Ever-changing consumer habits

POSRG will help you prepare for adjustments to your grocery point of sale and inventory system with hardware that truly checks out.

Technology that tracks

Enable POS devices that convey informative data to improve your operation, whether in-store, online or delivered.

Installation and Rollouts

Our team is trusted by some of the grocery industry’s biggest players. From initial design to the day of delivery, let our experience with supermarkets shine.

Service Existing Systems

 Our technicians offer quick turnaround times and an international reach. From Minnesota to Mexico, our grocers are able to serve shoppers with little interruption.

Our expertise is essential to essential businesses

For nearly two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with vital businesses, including grocery chains, gas stations, convenience stores, retail outlets, restaurants, manufacturing and more.

Modern Technology for Today’s Restaurants and Hotels


Enhance the Guest Experience

Contactless point of sale systems are paramount for serving the current climate. We offer kiosks, mobile payment devices, touchscreens, scanners and much more.
Hospitality-elevate-managed services

Elevate Managed Services

Cloud-based point of sale software allows access to real time information from any location without relying on the internet.

Increase Revenue and ROI

The bottom line is kept top of mind when we procure a package that delivers reliable results and a solid return on investment.

Streamline Processes and Procedures

From sleek new hardware to certified refurbished devices, we will customize a solution that best serves your restaurant, bar or hotel.

We excel in hospitality technology solutions

POSRG has been servicing and selling point of sale equipment to national restaurant chains, independently operated venues and hotels for more than 15 years.

Optimizing On-The-Go Operations


Improve the Customer’s Quick Visit

We offer devices that handle everyday tasks with ease, from ID scans and counter interaction to food safety checks and inventory control.
Hardware-That Handles-High-Demand

Hardware That Handles High Demands

Our multi-vendor integration allows our clients to design a POS plan that leverages the power of a complete system.

IT Installations and Services

Whether five C-stores or 50, POSRG has a tech team at the ready. We guarantee a professional, positive experience from project planning to deployment.

Cloud-based Security Systems

We pair the latest in AI with an easy to manage smart system that’s operational in minutes. Stay ahead of potential threats while storing footage for a year.

Our expertise is essential to essential businesses

For nearly two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with vital businesses, including grocery chains, gas stations, convenience stores, retail outlets, restaurants, manufacturing and more.

Mobile Solutions For Warehouse Management

Rising Demands Require Devices That Enhance Your Operation


Improve Inventory Visibility

The solutions we sell can provide a quality accounting of assets with less employees.
reform-receiving procedures

Reform Receiving Procedures

POSRG’s selection of mobile printers, wearable/mounted computers and durable tablets will boost response time.

Streamline Shipping

We offer RFID tags, rugged scanners and handheld computers that refine the shipping process.

Returns and Restocking

Reverse inventory visibility is key to appeasing customers and controlling warehouse assets.

Integrate supply chain communications and reporting with POSRG

We will help implement forward-thinking technology for warehouse tracking and transparency.

Complete Solutions for Dispensaries, Producers and Processors

Hardware, Software and Services that improve efficiency and performance for all cannabis operations


Enterprise Hardware Solutions

POSRG will furnish your dispensary with payment terminals, receipt printers, tablets, digital displays, kiosks, security and more.

Seed to Sale Software

Our complete cannabis platform covers inventory management, RFID tagging, multiple location integration, digital signage and point of sale.

Service Offerings

We provide IT set up and installation, staging, rollouts, preventative maintenance, warehousing and managed networks.

End of Lifecycle Services

POSRG is fully certified to dispose of your IT assets. We will remove equipment, recycle electronics and safely destroy data.

Keep your business growing

Whether your dispensary is building new facilities and requires comprehensive solutions, or if you are looking to support your existing operations, POSRG has your cannabusiness covered.

Prime Technology for Your Manufacturing Plant

Surpass Competitors with State-of-the-Art Hardware Solutions


Centralize Inventory

Imagine real time data that tracks each and every asset with a simple scan by a mobile device.

Boost Productivity

POSRG will help you increase production -and efficiencies- with devices that deliver the numbers.

Compliance Conformity

The safety solutions we offer feature technology capable of providing production line tracing records.

Supply Chain

Today’s marketplace commands “right now” responses. We have IT options that deliver much needed visibility.

Modern manufacturing starts here

The tech team at POSRG will provide your business with IT solutions that optimize operations and propel you into the future.

Design to Disposal

POSRG provides products and services that exceed expectations. Our custom-made solutions and flexible support system are unparalleled in the point of sale and IT industries.


We are a Value Added Reseller for NCR, Zebra, Epson, HP, Honeywell and Cisco – just to name a few.

Hardware Solutions

Our new and refurbished equipment has the ability to integrate with multiple vendors.

IT Services

We will come to you. We perform on-site wiring, surveys, installation and rollouts.

Repair and Maintenance

Quick turnaround time repairs and customizable maintenance plans prevent downtime.

Project Management

Seamless integration of information, inventory, transportation and shipping.


Our comprehensive inventory management system organizes and controls all assets.


Certified, end of life options include asset disposal, recycling services and data destruction.


We operate with a zero landfill policy and have recycled millions of pounds of e-waste.

Our Numbers

15+ years in business. 25,000+ repairs annually. 500,000+ items in inventory. 4,000+ active customers. $20+ million in sales.

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