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Modernize and maximize


IT and Point of Sale solutions for every industry

Mobile solutions for warehouse management


Improve inventory visibility

The solutions we sell can provide a quality accounting of assets with less employees.
reform-receiving procedures

Reform receiving procedures

POSRG’s selection of mobile printers, wearable/mounted computers and durable tablets will boost response time.

Streamline shipping

We offer RFID tags, rugged scanners and handheld computers that refine the shipping process.

Returns and restocking

Reverse inventory visibility is key to appeasing customers and controlling warehouse assets.

Integrate supply chain communications and reporting with POSRG

We will help implement forward-thinking technology for warehouse tracking and transparency.

Design to disposal

POSRG provides products and services that exceed expectations. Our custom-made solutions and flexible support system are unparalleled in the point of sale and IT industries.


We are a Value Added Reseller for NCR, Zebra, Epson, HP, Honeywell and Cisco - just to name a few.

Hardware Solutions

Our new and refurbished equipment has the ability to integrate with multiple vendors.

IT Services

We will come to you. We perform on-site wiring, surveys, installation and rollouts.

Repair and Maintenance

Quick turnaround time repairs and customizable maintenance plans prevent downtime.

Project Management

Seamless integration of information, inventory, transportation and shipping.


Our comprehensive inventory management system organizes and controls all assets.


Certified, end of life options include asset disposal, recycling services and data destruction.


We operate with a zero landfill policy and have recycled millions of pounds of e-waste.

Our Numbers

15+ years in business. 25,000+ repairs annually. 500,000+ items in inventory. 4,000+ active customers. $20+ million in sales.

Efficient and effective

Streamline your store operations for an exceptional customer experience.