Accelerate your operations with effective measures

Maximize Productivity
in Your Department.

Accelerating growth in grocery


Ever-changing consumer habits

POSRG will help you prepare for adjustments to your grocery point of sale and inventory system with hardware that truly checks out.

Technology that tracks

Enable POS devices that convey informative data to improve your operation, whether in-store, online or delivered.

Installation and rollouts

Our team is trusted by some of the grocery industry’s biggest players. From initial design to the day of delivery, let our experience with supermarkets shine.

Service existing systems

 Our technicians offer quick turnaround times and an international reach. From Minnesota to Mexico, our grocers are able to serve shoppers with little interruption.

Our experience is essential to essential businesses

For nearly two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with vital businesses, including grocery chains, gas stations, convenience stores, retail outlets, restaurants, manufacturing and more.

Efficient and effective

Streamline your store operations for an exceptional customer experience.