Accelerate your operations with effective measures

Maximize Productivity
in Your Department.

Optimizing on-the-go operations


Improve the customer’s quick visit

We offer devices that handle everyday tasks with ease, from ID scans and counter interaction to food safety checks and inventory control.
Hardware-That Handles-High-Demand

Hardware that handles high demands

Our multi-vendor integration allows our clients to design a POS plan that leverages the power of a complete system.

IT installations and services

Whether five C-stores or 50, POSRG has a tech team at the ready. We guarantee a professional, positive experience from project planning to deployment.

Cloud-based security systems

We pair the latest in AI with an easy to manage smart system that’s operational in minutes. Stay ahead of potential threats while storing footage for a year.

Our expertise is essential to essential businesses

For nearly two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with vital businesses, including grocery chains, gas stations, convenience stores, retail outlets, restaurants, manufacturing and more.

Efficient and effective

Streamline your store operations for an exceptional customer experience.