August 23, 2022
This is How Enterprise Tablets are Enhancing the Storefront
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System

The storefront has been undergoing several waves of change within the past 3 years. From the pandemic-fueled e-commerce boom to crippling labor turnover rates, retailers across the country report turning to automation to simplify repetitive tasks and enhance customer satisfaction. As decision-makers evaluate systems and technologies, associates heavily prioritize tasks such as price-checking, barcode scanning, and inventory counting. As a matter of fact, retaining visible inventory levels continues to be associates’ top complaint, according to Zebra’s most recent Retail Vision Study. To meet employee expectations while staying ahead of demands, storefronts are now equipping workers with next-evolution devices such as rugged enterprise tablets. As 96% of retailers plan to deploy mobile computers within the next five years, top tech players have also enhanced rugged tablets to thrive in the modern storefront.

5 Tasks Your Associates Can Accomplish Better with Zebra Rugged Tablets

Combing Android’s best-in-class OS with durability and ease of use, Zebra’s rugged tablets expand inventory control while connecting workers through one digital platform. Vital operational visibility ultimately enables:

1. Instant Price Look-Up – Newer devices such as Zebra’s rugged tablets can leverage an embedded intelligent scanner, allowing associates to scan and update data on the go while helping customers.
2. Effective Line-Busting – Secured by Android’s supported OS, Zebra’s rugged tablets are PCI compliant, enabling you to speed up the checkout process anywhere in the store.
3. Mobile POS for Curbside Service – Flexible connectivity options sustain POS transactions in and out of the storefront.
4. Real-Time Inventory Management – Android’s open app ecosystem accommodates your preferred inventory management system, so your teams can monitor stock levels and replenish shelves on time.
5. Dependable Staff Communication – Embedded push-to-talk features transform tablets into two-way communicators for a more unified workforce.

Take a closer look at Zebra’s ET5X Tablets to learn more about digitization’s impact on modern workflows.

Where to Find Your Upgraded Tablet

To simplify the modernization process, POSRG partners with Zebra Technologies in the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Between now and December 31st, 2022, we encourage retailers to trade in legacy devices from any manufacturer for cash rebates towards their new Zebra tablet. To get started, you simply need to:

1. Purchase your eligible tablet
2. Send in your claim form within 90 days of the invoice date
3. Trade in legacy devices for cash rebates towards your upgrade

See the complete program details in our guide.

As the supply chain continues to evolve and new customer demands arise, storefronts can count on the consistency of change. For more information on how to upgrade retail operations with automated systems, contact POSRG here.