October 10, 2019
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System

Gone are the days of a cash register for the hospitality industry. Consider these factors when choosing the right restaurant POS system.

When it comes to choosing your restaurants new point of sale system, how will you know you’re making the right choice? Your POS system is an important part of your business because it can help you in every aspect.

There are some specific things you will want to think about when it comes to choosing your new restaurant POS system that will tremendously benefit your business.

Keep reading for our guide on what things you should consider when purchasing a restaurant POS system.

Easy to Use

Back in the day POS systems were mostly just a way to accept cash and give change to customers but now they’re so much more for you and your business. Your POS system can help track your loyalty programs, marketing, managing inventory as well as staff management.

Even if you choose a POS system without these exact features, you should make sure that your new system allows for third-party integration. With third-party integration, you can add all of the features you want. Overall, you want your POS system to be easy to use so your staff can adapt and learn the ins and outs of the system.

There are many elements of a POS system you will want to consider when selecting a system, such as how quickly orders come in as well as the flow of your restaurant. You will also want it to track what items are on your menu and the average turnover time.

The easier it is for your current employees to learn the new system, then the happier they will be. You will also want it to be easy for your new hires to learn your POS system so they can get out of the training stage and into work faster.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is huge in the restaurant industry so when it comes to choosing your POS system you will want to make sure you can integrate online ordering. Your POS system has the power to help you track both online and in-store orders so you are able to prepare both with one system.

There are also many third-party delivery companies that you may want to look into when it comes to online ordering. Make sure these companies have third-party integration so you can use them with your new system.

Online Reservations

A great way to keep your employees off the phone and working hands-on is to include online reservations into your POS system. This will let people make reservations online and they won’t even have to call your store.

You will also be able to keep track of the flow of your restaurant so you can gauge how many servers you should schedule. Letting potential customers reserve a table online is a great way to get new business.

Accounting and Money Management

You can use your POS system to integrate with your accounting system. This will feed your other systems information without you having to input the data.

Integrating financial tools will be very beneficial because it causes less room for error considering the information can already be inputted for you. Pretty much any system you choose will let you integrate your accounting system but you will want to make sure as this is a great tool for you.

Using a Tablet with Your POS

When it comes to choosing a POS system you will want to make sure that it has mobile capabilities. Many POS systems do have a mobile platform so you can turn any tablet into a portal register which will make it easier for your employees to do transactions.

Depending on the size of your restaurant, investing in tablets may even be a better option then computers money wise. Another option is to have guests order directly from the tablets. They can place their orders and pay from a tablet which says your employees time.

Manage Your Tables and Floor

One option you may want to look into when choosing your POS system is if it has capabilities to manage your floor plan. This can help your hostess with seating and deciding which waitress needs more guest.

Your POS system will also be able to tell you which sections have been the busiest throughout the night.

Inventory Management

Inventory management may not be an element that you need within your POS system but it will really help you out. There are specific POS systems that can actually track which ingredients you use as dishes are ordered and served.

An inventory management plug-in could help you by notifying you when supplies are low and you need to order more. With certain restaurant POS systems, you may even be able to order right within the system.


Make sure that you can get antivirus software for your POS system. No matter how big or small your business is, it is still a threat to cyber attacks. One of your number one goals should be to protect your customers’ records and data.

Easy Updates

Another thing to consider when deciding on which POS system is that it has easy and fast updates. You don’t want to waste any time for you or your customers for long and annoying updates.

Traditional POS systems can also require you to pay someone to come in and update your POS system. This is another reason why many business owners opt to use tablets because it is easier to update the entire system all at once.

Get a Great Restaurant POS System

When it comes to your restaurant you are going to want the best and most efficient for you and your employees. In this day and age, there are many benefits that come with choosing the right restaurant POS system. Essentially, you can link every aspect of your restaurant with one system.

POSRG offers many different brands and types of point of sale systems to cater to all your POS needs. They can help you out with any questions or concerns you may have involving POS systems by contacting us today!