Fujitsu-Icl 2KSABBA0000

An adaptable point-of-service terminal

Configure the TeamPoS 2000 to meet your specific needs. Attract shoppers' attention by implementing a single, rotating flat-panel display that can be turned toward customers and used for promotions when not used to record sales activity. Or increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities during transactions with a dual flat-panel display configuration where a second screen is used to visually communicate customer-specific information and promotional material. TeamPoS 2000 can also support the simultaneous use of large in-store video screens to present marketing promotions, instant advertising or on-going sales campaigns.

Customer service - storewide

As a shared multi-purpose hardware platform, TeamPoS 2000 has the power and flexibility to be configured as a customer-service terminal, or a multimedia kiosk, that can help you attract and retain customers by offering product information, special orders, account inquiries, gift registries and online shopping. You choose how best to use and configure all your TeamPoS 2000 terminals and peripherals in order to maximize resource sharing and reduce implementation costs.

Open architecture - industry standards

Designed, built and tested as a rugged, retail-specific system, TeamPoS 2000 eliminates the headaches and failures associated with other products and PC-POS configurations. Its open architecture and industry-standard, off-the-shelf components mean TeamPoS 200 also lowers the cost of upgrades, and compliance with industry-standard operating systems, OPOS, PC tools and utilities helps keep your development costs down.


No point-of-service system has ever been this easy and cost-effective to maintain.The TeamPoS 2000 control unit offers immediate and secure access to components. Drive bays, motherboards, processor chips and expansion slots can all be reached in a matter of seconds. Major hardware component replacement takes less than 3 minutes and even in-store staff can manage many peripheral replacements, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Long-term protection

Flexible, powerful, upgradeable and easy to service, TeamPoS 2000 has been engineered from the ground up by Jujitsu, Japan's largest computer manufacturer, to drive down any retailer's total cost of ownership. By supporting standard retail applications and PoS peripherals, as well as by enabling easy maintenance and upgrades, the retail-proven TeamPoS 2000 will protect your investment for years to come.

Lifecycle Solutions that give you the edge

TeamPoS 2000 is an integral part of Fujitsu's Lifecycle Solutions, our packaged offerings that include hardware, software and services - everything you need in retail point of sale, from inception through future generations. All designed to reduce your total cost of ownership, improve productivity and give you a competitive edge, our retail Lifecycle Solutions include:

*ISS45 - Fujitsu's market-leading, complete grocery solution which integrates the TeamPoS 2000 with ISS45 software and our infrastructure Management Services. ISS45 significantly increases your merchandising options by delivering an expandable, upgradeable system that delivers unmatched availability, speed, shopper features and customization.

*Liberator - our software interface that lets you integrate TeamPoS 2000 hardware with IBM's 4690 application and host systems - seamlessly. For IBM users looking for an easy, affordable way to break free of their proprietary hardware, Fujitsu's Liberator is the answer.

*Mobile Retail - expands the use of the TeamPoS 2000 any time, anywhere in your store. Fujitsu's mobile solutions include the TeamPad series and iPAD , our newest palm-sized wireless wonder, with color touch screen, keypad, laser scanner, magnetic stripe reader, smart card reader, and portable phone and paging capability.


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  • National Association For Information Destruction AAA Certified
  • R2 2013 | Responsible Recycling™
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Illinois Recycling Association
  • Certified POSRG Hardware
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed