June 19, 2023
Modernize Your Shopping Experience with The Modern Store by Zebra
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System

It’s a fact: A vast majority of consumers seek a blend of digital and physical shopping experiences. The demand for accurate inventory counts and personalized shopping has revolutionized storefronts across the nation, giving way to future-forward modernization strategies. By equipping associates with versatile technologies, retailers can meet consumer expectations without straining teams or surpassing budgets.

Zebra’s most recent Shopper Vision Study shows that eight in ten retail decision-makers plan to increase automation within their facilities to reduce stockouts, meet consumer demands, and reduce labor turnover. Whether in the form of a handheld device, intelligent scanning, or push-to-talk communication, modern retail technology empowers productivity by…

Engaging Associates with Accurate Data – Intuitive tools and workflows will help employees stay efficient and effective.  Handheld devices like Zebra’s touchscreen computers harness crucial inventory data on one user-friendly platform, ultimately:

  • Reducing employee turnover
  • Increasing on-time task completion
  • Reducing store labor spend

Functionality and enhanced capabilities keep associates from branching off to your competitors. With ongoing labor shortages, there’s always a demand for higher retention.

  • Optimize workforce management—create schedules, allow for swaps, and give workers a greater say in their workflow.
  • Streamline task management—adjust tasks in real-time for current demands, prioritize tasks based on importance to remove confusion, and decrease overtime with automatic workload distribution.
  • Advance communication and collaboration—allow for departmental communication, streamline inquiries with the front line, and protect staff with emergency features.

Expanding Inventory Control – As supply chains face more disruptions, you’re going to want to know your numbers.

It’s 2023. You’re seeking:

  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Easier product location
  • Reduction of product waste

Increased visibility and accuracy of in-store inventory lowers the risk of agitating your customers and losing money.

  • Improve on-shelf availability—access an accurate view of current inventory and floor stocks.
  • Modernize in-store fulfillment—inform workers of rush and curbside orders, locate all SKUs, and ensure stores adhere to SLA (customer service level agreements).
  • Minimize theft and loss—detect unseen sources of money loss, automatically prioritize monetary losses by value, and track front-line execution.

Elevating Customer Satisfaction – Facing ever-changing customer expectations, retailers require intelligent solutions to keep up with new demands.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could:

  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Improve transaction value

Making your store customer-centric provides an edge in the digital age. It can be the difference between a browser and a buyer.

  • Enhance the checkout experience—accelerate with accurate scanning and machine vision, provide self-service options, and save time with automatic detections.
  • Improve in-store service—ensure skilled employees are available on hand, provide in-store kiosks, improve order fulfillment, and streamline returns.

It’s time to take your efforts—and store operations—to the next level.

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