3 Things to Know Before You Sell Your Used POS Equipment



When it’s time to get rid of your used POS system, any savvy IT manager who wants to maximize their return on investment should sell their used POS equipment. Get the best value possible and ensure your POS system is refurbished or disposed of properly by considering these three important points.

1. Get the Best Price for Your Used POS Equipment

When it comes to selling your used POS equipment, businesses exist that will buy it from you so they can refurbish and resell it. Selling to a business like this is your best chance at getting the highest return on your investment. They have certified technicians to handle refurbishments and warranty their products before they go back into the market. They will also have built a reputation that allows them to attract customers who are willing to pay more for refurbished POS equipment. For you, all of that means getting a better price for your equipment when selling to them.

2. Protect Your Customers’ Data

When selling your POS system, it is your responsibility as a business to consider how your data and that of your customers will be handled. It is critical that you ascertain from each potential buyer exactly how they will destroy any data that is left on your system. To be as secure as possible, make sure your chosen buyer has these security measures in place:

  • An NAID AAA certificate in physical data destruction
  • DOD overwrite standards with complete documentation
  • Serial number reporting
  • All services completed on-site or in-house

Choosing an organization that follows all of the above measures will ensure that all of the existing data in your POS system is completely destroyed before being resold, thereby protecting you and your customers.

3. Sell Your Used POS System Responsibly

We’ve touched on your responsibilities with regard to security, but you also have the responsibility to ensure any of your electronic waste will be recycled or restored in an environmentally friendly manner. When collecting quotes for the sale of your used POS equipment, be sure to ask the buyer on their environmental policy. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is your business certified in responsible recycling?
  • Does your business have a zero landfill policy?
  • Does your business report the serial number when recycling equipment?
  • Do you have a mandatory recycling policy?

By selling to an environmentally conscious organization, you can be sure that your used POS equipment won’t end up in a landfill or a ‘chop shop.’

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