POS Services: Advance Exchange Services

The logistical challenges of today’s business environment can make the repair of defective onsite point of sale equipment difficult and cost-prohibitive. When time is of the essence, and you can’t afford to lose productivity to bad equipment or a slow IT response, Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) provides a comprehensive Advance Exchange program that offers next business day replacement.

We maintain a stockpile of spare refurbished hardware that you specify. When a particular store reports failed equipment, we will ship a replacement unit in advance of receiving the returned defective item. You determine the speed of the shipment via several shipping options. Once we receive the defective point of sale equipment, we’ll repair and return it to your spare inventory pool.

Our Advance Exchange program is ideal for retailers who:

  • Want to minimize business disruptions and repair costs
  • Do not service their own equipment or employ field technicians
  • Currently rely on the OEM or other third party providers
  • See the value in consolidating maintenance providers

POSRG manages every step of the exchange process. Build the ideal turnkey repair system — trust POSRG’s advance exchange program. To learn more about the benefits of Advance Exchange, call 866.462.1005.

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  • National Association For Information Destruction AAA Certified
  • R2 2013 | Responsible Recycling™
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Illinois Recycling Association
  • Certified POSRG Hardware
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed