NCR 7197-2005-9001

The NCR RealPOS Thermal Receipt 7197 Printer is designed to fit all retail environments, especially demandinghospitality and kitchen environments. With a smallfootprint, the NCR RealPOS 7197 is flexible as well asversatile.

Fast Thermal Printing for Performance and Reliability

Talk about fast! The NCR RealPOS 7197 delivers exceptional printperformance with up to 50 print lines per second. High 203 dpi (8 dots permm) resolution translates into crisp text and sharp graphics for a cleaner, easy-to-read printout. The NCR RealPOS 7197 thermal printer provides quiet operation and superior reliability and has been tested and certified for operation in thetoughest of retail and kitchen environments. Tired of the same old monochrome colored receipts? The NCR RealPOS 7197allows you to add style and distinction to your receipts with two-color printing.

Easy to Operate

Your customers cannot wait during paper jams and loading.With the NCR RealPOS 7197, no paper threading is required just lift the lid, drop in the paper roll, and you are ready to print, an innovation NCR brought to the POS market. A rotary receipt cutter is standard, executing a clean cut in a fraction of a second. In today s environment, choice is the word when itcomes to your connectivity. The NCR RealPOS 7197 comes with an auto-sensing interface device that detects the connectivity option you want.Whether connected by a RS-232 or USB interface device, the NCR RealPOS 7197 is ready for you.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The NCR RealPOS 7197 is designed for easy setup and single-button programming, which eliminates the need to fumble with dipswitches during configuration. The cable connections are located on the back panel for easy access. Diagnostic tallies, including cumulative hours of operation and receipt lines printed, can be printed on demand during power up orpolled remotely for load-balancing or diagnostic troubleshooting. Printer identification, including model and serialnumber, is also stored permanently at the printer to aid in remote asset management. If the NCR RealPOS 7197 is ever inneed of service, it has been designed with quick repairs in mind.Modular serviceability will allow fast and economical repairs.Coupled with the NCR RealPOS 7197 high performance reliability, it all leads to a lower total cost of ownership.

Ready to Emulate

Succeeding the NCR RealPOS 7194, the next-generation NCR RealPOS 7197 printer provides backward compatibility withno impact on existing application environments. Placing the NCR RealPOS 7197 in NCR RealPOS 7194 emulation modeprovides access to all new features/ functions and performance.


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  • National Association For Information Destruction AAA Certified
  • R2 2013 | Responsible Recycling™
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Illinois Recycling Association
  • Certified POSRG Hardware
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed