IBM 4800-721

IBM SurePOS 721 - 1.2GHz (133MHz FSB) VIA C3 processor, 256MB (512MB max), 40GB (7200 RPM) HD optional, Two RS-232 ports, BIOS: Phoenix 80KT100 09/18/2003 All models of the IBM SurePOS 700 Series now feature IBM Light-Path Management and IBM Remote Management Agent V2 for proactive monitoring and remote updates. These industry-leading technologies help keep systems running smoothly, while reducing IT management costs. All models also feature a virtually tool-free design that offers easy serviceability through secure front access to the system unit. This allows store employees to replace units and swap out parts quickly and easily-helping to ensure maximum uptime and reduce service costs. An optional cable arm provides complete front-side access to rear cabling without having to move the system unit from its normal position at the POS, further enhancing serviceability. Ultimately, these features help retailers reduce management and service costs while delivering the flexibility businesses need to respond to changing trends and marketplaces with a compelling customer experience. The IBM SurePOS 700 Series is specifically designed for performance, efficiency, and value. System management and service is simple due to a powerful combination of the industry-leading IBM Light-Path Management and tool-free front service. These capabilities also facilitate predictive maintenance and rapid diagnosis, from the store to the enterprise, to help lower total cost of ownership and ensure system availability.
  • VIA C3 1.2GHz processor (P3 socket)
  • 128 Megabytes of SDRAM memory standard
  • SVGA video (Shared Video Memory 32MB maximum, 1 VGA port)
  • 128KB NVRAM
  • Auto-sensing 10/100 ethernet with Wake on LAN (WOL)
  • A network management enabled BIOS that supports APM/ACPI, WfM, and SMBIOS 2.3
  • IBM SurePorts, Powered USB
  • Two standard PC USB 1.1 ports
  • Two standard RS-232 ports
  • Parallel port
  • PS/2 keyboard port, PC mouse port
  • Two half-length PCI feature card slots
  • Front access Dump Switch
  • IBM SurePOS 700 Custom Covers, Narrow (12?)

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