IBM 4694-247

The IBM 4694 model 247 can be used as a controller/terminal, a terminal in a LAN or as a standalone terminal. The 247 is a 64 bit architecture terminal with a 550 MHz VIA C3 processor, 128K embedded Cache, 32 Megabytes of memory, SVGA video with 4 Megabyte of video memory, a 1.44Megabyte floppy drive, two RS-232 ports, a PC keyboard 1 mouse port, six RS-485 Point of Sale I/O ports, two cash drawer ports, two PC USB ports, one full length PCI and one full length ISA/PCI feature card slots, a front access Dump Switch (supported by Windows NT 4.0 ServicePack4 and 4690 OS), 10/100 Ethernet, Desktop Management Interface (DMI) support and a network management enabled BIOS standard on every terminal. The new BIOS supports DHCP and PXE protocols as well as the previously supported IBM RPL, Novell Netware RPL and TCP/IP bootp protocols. The 247 has the capability to expand to 512 Megabytes of memory with two 168 pin, SDRAM PC-133 compatible DIMM memory sockets that can contain any combination of 32, 64, 128 and 256 MB DIMMs. The model 247 is a wide footprint model and has the option for up to two 20 GB Value Hard Disk Drives, a Token Ring adapter, a keylock and the Power Management feature. Wake on LAN is supported with the Power Management feature on the 247. Front service access and the system unit I/O integration kit (slant top) are standard features of the 247. This model is suited to the customer with space constraints or the need for a smaller mechanical package for a distributed configuration, who is running Windows or 4690 OS with an interest in using the Java Virtual Machine enhancements of 4690 OS V2.


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