IBM 4694-207

The IBM 4694 model 207 can be used as a controller/terminal, a terminal in a LAN or as a standalone terminal. The 207 is a 64 bit architecture terminal with a 550 MHz VIA C3 processor, 128K embedded Cache, 32 Megabytes of memory, SVGA video with 4 Megabyte of video memory, a 1.44Megabyte floppy drive, two RS-232 ports, a PC keyboard 1 mouse port, four RS-485 Point of Sale I/O ports, two cash drawer ports, two PC USB ports, one full length PCI and one full length ISA/PCI feature card slots, a front access Dump Switch (supported by Windows NT 4.0 ServicePack4 and 4690 OS), 10/100 Ethernet, Desktop Management Interface (DMI) support and a network management enabled BIOS standard on every terminal. The new BIOS supports DHCP and PXE protocols as well as the previously supported IBM RPL, Novell Netware RPL and TCP/IP bootp protocols. The 207 has the capability to expand to 512 Megabytes of memory with two 168 pin, SDRAM PC-133 compatible DIMM memory sockets that can contain any combination of 32, 64, 128 and 256 MB DIMMs. The model 207 is a narrow footprint model and has the option for one 20 GB Value Hard Disk Drive, a Token Ring adapter and the Power Management feature. Wake on LAN is supported with the Power Management feature on the 207. This model is suited to the customer who wants to integrate the POS I/O on top of the logic unit, who is running Windows or 4690 OS with an interest in using the Java Virtual Machine enhancements of 4690 OS V2.


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