D-Series Rev.D

The new D-Series Rev.D 15" All-in-One Touchcomputers continue to bring the same style, flexibility and functionality to point-of-sale (POS), retail and hospitality businesses as the previous versions. With a wide array of field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing and a range of input/output port connection options, the D-Series rev.C models are versatile and powerful. They are designed with the future in mind, allowing easy serviceability of the main components and excellent performance. New for the D-Series Rev.D models are the latest generation Intel 2.5GHz G540 Celeron Dual-Core processor and H61 chipset with advanced Intel® HD Graphics processing. The Intel 2.5GHz G540 Celeron Dual-Core processor is perfect for any POS application. For customers who require additional performance or more robust storage capabilities, the addition of a 2GB RAM option kit or second 320GB hard drive can significantly improve the performance or expand the data storage of the D-Series Rev.D touchcomputers. Also new for Rev.D is the addition of Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 64-bit operating system. The Elo D-Series AiO’s come with a range of input/output port connection options to allow any POS configuration and support all manner of 3rd party peripherals such as cash drawers or printers, including our available peripherals. In addition, standard ports include 5 RS-232 serial ports, a 12V/24V switchable cash drawer port, 6 USB 2.0 ports and a 24V Powered USB Printer port, and a built-in DVI-D video output port which simplifies adding a secondary customer-facing LCD display (when used with the new rear-facing LCD bracket kit). Customer friendly, field-installable peripherals include: magnetic strip reader (MSR) for reading credit cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, etc., a rear-facing VFD display for transaction verification, a biometric fingerprint reader for added security, and a bracket kit perfect for attaching the Elo Touch Solutions 0700L 7-inch touch display (or any 2nd LCD) for advertising or customer transaction information. Typical applications for the D-Series AiO touchcomputer include POS (point-of-service), POI (point of information), loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, home control and internet access points, just to name a few.

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  • National Association For Information Destruction AAA Certified
  • R2 2013 | Responsible Recycling™
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Illinois Recycling Association
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