With more than 30 years of point-of-sale (POS) market leadership, IBM provides retailers of all sizes store solutions that can help increase sales and reduce costs.

Convenience and retail petroleum
We've got nearly 30 years' experience helping gas and convenience operations.

Convenience and retail petroleum companies operate in one of the industry's toughest, most specialized niches:

  • Customers are extremely price-sensitive and often pay at the pump
  • Tight margins, commodity pricing and static growth are industry norms
  • New kinds of competitors appear daily
  • Industry-wide consolidation continues to increase economic pressure.

To protect profits, many gas and convenience stores are doing more than selling fuel. But mastering traditional retail can be hard. Fortunately, IBM can help you meet these challenges head-on.

Food service and hospitality
Food service operators face some of the industry's toughest challenges.

Food service and hospitality retailers compete in a complex marketplace populated with local favorites, regional and national chains, upscale locations and trendy new competitors. Customers expect an enjoyable experience, flawless service and exceptional value for their money, every time they visit.

Grocery retailers compete in one of the industry's most competitive segments.

Today's grocery retailers face an increasingly hostile marketplace, where shoppers demand lower prices, faster checkout and expert service. Web orders and loyalty programs are baseline expectations, mass merchandisers and convenience stores threaten your market share, and the economic outlook remains uncertain.

So how can grocery retailers respond? You can upgrade your store. You can help your workforce deliver flawless service. You can insist on higher uptime. And you can take an integrated approach to technology, choosing solutions that link each store to the enterprise and provide the modularity and scalability to grow with your business and protect your investment.

Public sector
IBM is a solution provider with proven relationships in the public sector.

public sector face some of the toughest challenges in any industry:

  • Web-savvy citizens want immediate results and 24/7 access to information
  • Budgets start small and shrink annually
  • Security concerns remain high
  • New programs add layers of complexity

To thrive in these conditions, organizations must find cost-effective ways to connect with constituents and offer more services. Fortunately, IBM can help you meet these challenges head-on.

Specialty retail
Whether a new boutique or an expanding chain, you're faced with similar challenges.

Specialty retailers compete in a market where consumers expect deeper selections, more compelling store environments, and expert service. Where the competition includes online retailers, department stores with exclusive brands, mass merchants and discount stores. Where consumer spending can be volatile and the economic outlook remains unclear.

Part # Manufacturer Category Description
4367-32U IBM IBM

IBM Server System

4367-AC1 IBM IBM

This uniprocessor entry server delivers soli...

54Y2409 IBM IBM

15" tablet

54Y2452 IBM IBM

VFD customer display

7328-AC1 IBM IBM

IBM Server

7382-CT0 IBM IBM

IBM Server

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