January 10, 2022
POSRG awarded additional certifications
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Industry leading e-Waste recycling and data destruction.

After participating in two annual audits with Perry Johnson Registrars, POSRG has achieved additional and highly regarded certifications. Passing the newest version of Responsible Recycling, the first full revision since 2013, POSRG is now R2V3 certified. The company has also transitioned to the new ISO 45001 standard, while continuing our certification to the ISO 14001 standard. Safe working practices, environmental preservation and adherence to green practices were all qualifying factors.

New to POSRG is the most recognized quality standard in the world, ISO 9001. This, along with our NAID classification, allows for certified data sanitization and data destruction. POSRG is proud to offer services that only two in the industry can feature (Illinois). The company’s hard work and adherence to strict guidelines has deemed POSRG a leader in many vertical markets.

The recycling and data destruction team’s compliance helped to achieve new heights for the company. POSRG will continue to promote green practices, secure brand protection, added value, and a safe workplace through continued improvements and practices.

Jonas Marcocchio states,

“I am very pleased to share these company changes that no doubt elevate us above our competition. We have undergone intense scrutiny during our two annual audits through Perry Johnson Registrars to achieve some very highly regarded certifications. It’s truly incredible that POSRG is one of only two companies in Illinois to hold these particular credentials in Illinois! These achievements have come through hard work and adherence to strict guidelines – allowing us to be a leader in our vertical markets. Hats off to the recycling crew and their ongoing compliance. This division of POSRG truly offers added value to our beloved customers.”