Internet Direct

Point of Sale Equipment

Markets Covered

  • Maintenance Companies
  • Solution Providers
  • Internet Brokerage Sites
  • Ebay/Craigslist

Need it now? POSRG’s world-class Internet Direct team is here to help.

The Internet is the world’s largest convenience store. Our Internet direct team exists to provide fast, easy service those who use it. A considerable portion of our exposure to every market we serve happens via the Internet, so we invest a significant amount of time and energy learning how to leverage the opportunity it represents to better serve our customers.

We engage in eBay and in brokerage and auction sites. They are a crucial part of day-to-day transactions. We also use the Web to listen to you, to learn from you and to evolve how we provide our services. In a way, the Web inspires us to aspire to get to know you better.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Cordova
Director - Dealer & Internet Sales

Contact Jennifer
Office: 847-526-9650 x302
IM: jennipos
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