Home Goods

POSRG Used POS Equipment

Markets Covered

  • Home Centers & Hardware Chains
  • Home Furnishings Retail
  • Houseware/Giftware
  • Toy/Hobby/Craft/Fabric Retail

The Home Goods market is a POSRG specialty.

Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) is an expert in the home goods environment. We provide durable, competitively priced POS products and services with full warranties and dedicated support to home centers, hardware chains, home furnishings stores, houseware and giftware stores, toy & hobby stores and craft & fabric stores.

While the primary focus of the home goods market remains at the checkout aisle, we also offer a full suite of enterprise mobility devices that support necessary markdowns and distribution centers.

For more information, please contact:

George Pappas
Director - Retail Sales USA/Canada

Contact George
Office: 847-526-9650 x305
IM: pappasposrg
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