January 20, 2022
Optimize your store’s customer experience with advanced point of sale systems
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System

Implementing new technologies like a mobile POS system into your business can be scary because adapting to a new system may cause initial errors and the cost involved with installing one could be expensive if you do not accurately factor it. Following the pandemic, the rise of e-commerce, and the ever-deepening labor shortage, the priorities of most grocers have shifted to focus on keeping up with shopper expectations.

That means when it comes to finding a new solution that will meet amplified demands, modernized systems must have the customer’s experience in center focus. Despite the initial drawbacks, finding the right mobile POS system for your business can boost the convenience, efficiency, and speed of your service by eliminating manual entry errors and providing substantial help with heavy inventory needs and scale integration.

Consequently, that is why 87% of stores plan to deploy mobile point-of-sale systems (POS) within the next year.

More striking, that number is expected to rise to 97% in 5 years alone. Some businesses even see increases in sales by 200% with POS systems via the reporting features alone. Using mobile point-of-sale systems can provide your stores with the ability to combat today’s retail challenges such as:

  • Demand for faster service – Mobile POS systems reduce checkout times and retrieve asset information faster to raise customer satisfaction. This meets the higher customer needs for your processes to be faster.
  • Popularity of contactless transactions – The use of mobile technology with POS systems enables stores to process transactions digitally and accept card payments without contact.
  • Overcoming labor shortage constraints – Implementing a mobile POS system can provide your business with automated inventory tracking and the ability to take orders online. This optimizes productivity despite higher workloads from labor shortages
  • Connecting different shopping channels – Automated technology can improve your buy online, pickup-in-store process by automating on-order inventory to improve visibility and reduce stock-outs and overstocks. Provide your workers with the convenience of buy-online-pickup-in-store.

What does the modernized POS look like with Zebra Technologies

Storefronts have begun to modernize operations like inventory management and checkout with mobile point of sale solutions that can bust up big lines and minimize abandoned sales by processing payment at the customer’s point of decision. Zebra’s mobile computers, scanners, and printers help successfully replace error-prone repetitive tasks by… 

  1. Accelerating checkout lanes with Zebra’s MP7000 grocery scanner scale. The MP7000 delivers an unparalleled scanning performance in the busiest checkout lanes. Cashiers and self-checkout shoppers can instantly capture virtually any printed 1D or 2D barcode.
  2. Updating inventory in real-time with Zebra’s TC52 series mobile touch computers. The TC52 updated inventory in real-time with rugged durability to ensure reliable operations and advanced scanning technology to deliver lightning-fast capture of printed and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes.
  3. Speed up inventory management with intelligent Zebra mobile scanners like Zebra’s DS8100 series handheld imagers. The DS8100 can instantly capture and parse GS1 label barcode data on items, enabling associates to speed up inventory counts by easily capturing expiration dates and manufacturing locations.
  4. Meet customers where they want with ZQ230 series mobile printers. The ZQ230 delivers faster, easier, and more reliable printing with the fastest communication between the host mobile device and the ZQ230. These printers allow your workers to take faster printing with them anywhere in the store with enterprise-ready mobility. The design is made for one-handed operation so your workers can handle packages and greet customers to improve the customer experience without diminishing productivity.

Implement one-step simplicity and technology built tough with the GO Zebra Trade-In Program

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