March 14, 2022
How to Save Up to $650 Per Device and Upgrade Your Retail Technologies
Things to Consider When Purchasing a POS System

Finding and hiring retail workers is getting harder and harder, but many retail stores have great opportunities to grow their business if they can figure out how to get more done in less time.

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in future-forward retail technologies. Technologies that help digitize, streamline, and modernize retail workflows can help your stores and staff increase sales and serve more customers with less manual labor and effort.

Whether it’s automating your inventory management to minimize out-of-stocks and ensure the right products are in stock at the right time, or it’s creating seamless and touch-free self-service for customer inquiries and checkouts, there are many ways to turn retail technology into better efficiency and cost savings.

It’s also becoming much easier and more affordable to do this with trade-in programs that reduce the cost of upgrading your current retail technologies by trading in your aging and outdated equipment.

For example, you can trade in your older handheld mobile computers for inventory scanning and management, and you can upgrade to next-generation touch screen mobile computers or tablets that combine barcode scanning, larger screen sizes, and advanced computing power to create more efficient touch-enabled workflows.

You can also trade in barcode printers to upgrade to barcode and RFID printers that allow you to print labels and tags faster, with precision print quality, and with centralized cloud-based management and automated alerts to keep all your devices secure, updated, and working optimally.

Similarly, you can trade in aging and underperforming barcode scanners to upgrade to next-generation scanners that can scan 1D and 2D barcodes and QR codes, can scan documents and signatures to replace paper-based processes, and can even capture up to 20 barcodes on products and boxes with a single trigger pull.

These and many other improvements are more affordable and accessible than ever thanks to program like GO Zebra from Zebra Technologies. The GO Zebra program allows retailers to trade in qualifying devices, including non-Zebra hardware, and save up to $650 per device when you upgrade to the latest Zebra retail technologies.

The program covers barcode scanners, mobile computers, tablets, RFID readers, vehicle-mounted mobile computers, barcode and RFID printers, and more. And rebates are extremely simple with a reclaim form that you submit for a rebate within 90 days of your purchase invoice date.

If you act now and before December 31, 2022, you can take advantage of this trade-in program to deploy new solutions and improved mobile efficiency throughout your retail operations. A good example is Zebra’s TC8300 touch mobile computer, which combines touch mobile computing with a unique, tilt-free barcode scanner that boosts workers productivity by 14% while enabling 40% faster data entry with 60% better accuracy.

Another way to optimize mobile workflows is Zebra’s TC77 touch mobile computer, which provides a smartphone-style but extremely rugged and enterprise-grade device that can deliver voice, texting, customer service and inventory apps, 1D/2D barcode scanning, and even push-to-talk through one mobile computer.

Beyond the retail store, Zebra technologies are also helping retail warehouses achieve entirely new levels of fulfillment productivity and efficiency with hands-free and voice-directed workflows.

By combining Zebra’s WT6000 wrist-worn mobile computer with an RS6000 finger-worn barcode scanner and a headset and software to receive voice and visual prompts, workers can be directed along the fastest and most efficient pathways to inventory, and they can pick orders more efficiently and accurately with instant barcode scans to confirm correct picks. All the while, Zebra’s devices keep workers’ hands free to handle, carry and lift inventory without the hassles and risks of juggling mobile devices at the same time.

If you’re struggling to staff your stores or you’re getting slowed down by outdated technologies and manual workflows that get in the way of better retail efficiency, download our GO Zebra trade-in program brochure and connect with our retail technology experts at POSRG to find out more and how we can help your business.

We can work with your team to specify the best solutions to help digitize and streamline your retail workflows while delivering the best return on investment and the best boost to your bottom line. Please call us now at 866-462-1005 or contact us to get started.