Getting the Most Out of RFID for Your Business



RFID offers an exciting path to improved operational performance across many industries, but it also requires a sizable investment. While RFID requires more investment up-front than barcodes, the long-term cost savings RFID can generate provide a substantial return depending on your application. In this quick overview, we provide insights on how to maximize your RFID utilization and get the most out of your investment throughout your business.

Improving Productivity and Reducing Costs

Since RFID allows any tagged asset to be identified and tracked without barcode scanning or having line-of-sight access to a barcode label, it’s far more efficient and cost effective than barcoding. Instead of scanning item-by-item, you can identify and track an entire pallet of goods at once. Thus, a worker can simply walk through a warehouse and conduct a complete inventory in a small fraction of the time it would take to do it with manual processes or barcodes. You can also locate and track any asset quickly and easily, by using a handheld RFID reader as assets arrive at your facility or move through any process or location in your operations. If you prefer a completely automated approach, you can even install fixed RFID readers at strategic locations, such as doorways or warehouse aisles. Fixed readers automatically identify and track items as they enter or leave specific areas, so you don’t need to use handheld scanners or physical labor at all.

Error Proofing

RFID technology is a largely automated system that identifies products or shipments based on a unique ID stored in each RFID tag. This essentially eliminates the possibility of human scanning errors and greatly improves accuracy compared to other scanning systems.

In addition, RFID’s greater first-time pass accuracy means there’s far less need to re-scan items. Quality RFID solutions, such as Zebra’s handheld RFID readers and fixed RFID readers and antennas, capture RFID tag information reliably and flawlessly.

Better Asset Control and Utilization

If you have expensive equipment you want to track, RFID tags offer an ideal solution. They can help you track where any asset moves, whether it’s left the premises, its maintenance history, availability, and current location. This helps you improve asset security, operational efficiency, and maximize asset utilization at every stage of your operations.

Employee Safety and Facility Security

Fixed RFID systems and RFID-enabled ID cards offer great options for restricting access to your facilities and specific areas. Access can be restricted to authorized personnel, and you can even use RFID cards and fixed RFID systems to track and locate employees for emergency planning and disaster response.

Increased Revenue and Profits

Whether it’s improving your demand planning, reducing out of stocks, or getting true real-time visibility into your supply chain and processes, RFID is a great way to increase productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The proven benefits of RFID help to eliminate costly uncertainties, maximize sales opportunities, and improve customer service—all of which improve profits and create a healthier bottom line.

It All Starts with the Right RFID Hardware

To build a superior RFID system and maximize your investment, our team at POSRG strongly recommends solutions from Zebra Technologies.

Zebra is the global leader in RFID for industrial and enterprise requirements, with extremely durable and reliable products of the highest quality. Its high-performance RFID solutions are ultimately more user-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective than other lower-cost alternatives.

To learn more about Zebra RFID solutions, email us now, or call us at 1-866-462-1005.

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