The POSRG Team

The POSRG Team

Coveted Customers

Point of Sale Remarketing Group (POSRG) is comprised of five core teams, each vital to our growth and success. However, without argument, our customers are the most important aspect of the POSRG team. Without you, we would not exist, so we’d like to take a moment to extend our gratitude for the privilege of your business, your continued belief in and support of our products and services. Thank you for the incredibly bright future you offer us.

Trained Technicians

Our trained technicians are the engine of our point of sale refurbishment process. Day in and day out they demonstrate a level of effort and passion that energizes the entire company. Take a short walk out of our operations office into the warehouse, and you’ll see a complex, well-oiled machine at work. Each technician is responsible for a specific aspect of the refurbished equipment process, but they take pride in ensuring that the final product is superb. As one of our techs put it, “We don’t just put band-aids on things and send them out — we breathe new life into older parts.” Now we’re talking!

Project Managers

Our project managers are the crucial lynchpin between our sales team and daily facility activities. Each unique, one oversees certain projects that are especially well-suited to their strengths and interests. They are responsible to oversee major accounts and maintain the entire ticketing and inventory system, from initial asset tagging to tracking hardware as it evolves from raw goods to fully refurbished product. Whether the pass-off project from sales is consignment, integration, asset recovery — or anything else — our project managers make sure the job gets done.

Experienced Sales Staff

Our sales staff is engaged in selling used point of sale equipment on a daily basis. Similar to project managers, they are organized to support specific vertical markets, including general merchandise, the hospitality industry, supermarket chains, apparel and specialty stores, Internet and eBay sales, discount and department stores. As one of our key salespeople commented, "Each professional on our team is really indistinguishable from the accounts they work. We are that invested in the clients we support. We live their experiences. Their goals are our goals."

Executive Leadership

There’s a reason why our leaders are mentioned at the bottom of this list. From early Monday morning until well after Friday ends, our executive leaders realize that their first priority is to serve their fellow employees and provide overall strategic direction for POSRG. They serve as the octane and the ignition for people who comprise the company. As president and 20+ year point of sale veteran Ken Testa explained, "Look, my team is the best. End of story. I’d take a bullet for these guys — and they know it, because they see me every day. They recognize my face. There are no ivory towers at POSRG, only trenches and victories."

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