“Our MICROS 3700 Workstation 4 would not boot up; therefore, we were not only unable to use the terminal but the printer also stopped working. We googled the Micros hardware and were introduced to POSRG and were able to purchase the MICROS workstation and two new printers. When we compare the pricing to Oracle/MICROS we saved a considerable amount of money. Keep in mind this was a hardware purchase but upon installation of the equipment David was able to assist with the syncing up with our server. I would gladly recommend POSRG to those wanting to save money and come up with the same results! Thank you Kevin and David!”

— Jim H.

“On behalf of our entire team, I would like to take this time to thank you all for the efforts you make every day to keep our stores running. I am happy to report that every store manager has had very good things to say about the support they receive from POSRG!”

— Denise

"You guys are good! Thank you a million times over! I wish TigerDirect was this customer orientated. You guys definitely have my business for any future POS needs!"

— Chris - Paradise Design

"Peter, you saved my ass with these units! It was a bad week for us until our packages from POSRG arrived. Thanks so much for such an expedient turn around. We already liked POSRG but this gesture has solidified our lifelong loyalty! I don't know of too many other vendors who have taken care of us as well as you do. We will never forget the effort you put into taking care of us during one of our lowest moments. I'm honored to be your customer!"

— Sean - New Seasons Market

"I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the quick repair and fast turnaround. You guys did a great job and I truly appreciate you standing behind your product. That is extremely rare these days."

— Nick - Blue Ash Chili Restaurants

"I just wanted to personally thank you and your team (especially Jenny and Dave) for listening to my desperate plea’s on Friday night, and then proactively solving a solution and subsequently delivering on their promise. Many companies would have just let it go, yours didn’t and I appreciate that. Additionally the product looks great."

— Brian

"POSRG understands our unique business demands as a high volume department store chain and has came up with hardware and maintenance strategies that have not only saved us a substantial amount of money but has increased our uptime of the registers in the field."

"POSRG delivers quality hardware quickly! Along with offering extremely competitive pricing they are always there to help with any questions and technical support."

"As a customer of POSRG for 2 years, we have found that the customer service is outstanding. The products received have been in excellent condition, free of defect. POSRG has been a good find for our POS related needs in the C-Store industry."

A very dynamic and well run company, who is also very eco-friendly, nothing gets thrown in the trash, they are big time into recycling. The front office area of the operation was deceivingly quiet, but when we entered the operations area it was a beehive of activity with at least 30 employees working in different areas. It really gives you hope for the future of our country to see a small company run by a bunch of young guys really thriving!

P.S. It also looked like a fun place to work...They spoke of and treated their employees like family."

— Brian Rod, Information Technology Specialist

"Peter Varey and several others at POSRG have worked diligently with our IT staff to ensure that every piece of hardware that we have purchased from them is fully compatible with our software. I have enjoyed working with Peter and all the others at POSRG for the last couple years, and hope to continue doing business with them for many years to come. I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to do business with a company involved in their area of expertise."

"Kevin and POSRG are great! I’ve been using them several years for all my POS equipment needs. The service is prompt and the hardware is great. I would recommend them to anyone!"

"Jenny Cordova and I have been doing business for quite some time now. I have found her to be energetic, aggressive, and a delight to work with. She has always tried to find a way to work her pricing of product into our formula to make both sides happy and prosperous. I (we) will continue to work with POS Remarketing, as we have had no reason to fault them in any deals we have made over the years. I highly recommend POS Remarketing as a supplier of used POS equipment, as they are fair and balanced."

"Just wanted to say that you have been awesome. I'll try to send as much business as I can your way. I'm very pleased with your service, responsiveness and of course your prices of our (sometimes last minute) requests. Thanks a lot. :)"

— Ezra Hunt, IT Technician - New Seasons Market

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