Our Process

Our Process

At POSRG, waste is an obsolete concept. We aim for 100% yield with every item we receive. Whether that results in refurbishment and remarketing, reuse, recycling, refining or resale — nothing is wasted.

We can say that with confidence because of our rigorous refurbishment process. That process begins with item reception. Used point of sale equipment often arrives dirty, broken or aged in appearance. Our skilled warehouse staff evaluates the condition of our equipment and determines its value. Is it resalable, harvestable for parts, or ideal for recycling? Resalable equipment and harvested parts are entered into our inventory. We assign an asset tag and enter each component into our robust warehousing system.

Once a component is sold, it begins the actual refurbishment process. Everything is taken apart and placed in the production line, where dirt, dust and debris are removed through pressurized hydraulic blowers and suctioned away via our specialized downdraft tables. We use advanced ultrasonic chemical baths to breakdown grease, ink, paints, and dirt at a microscopic level, restoring metals and plastics to their original appearance.

After being thoroughly cleaned, the hardware enters our drying table, where compressed air rapidly dries each item. Every part is then thoroughly cleaned by hand. Any parts that require touch-up are painted to match the exact color in which they were painted by the manufacturer. Electronic point of sale materials undergo extensive hardware and software testing before being approved of resale and reuse.

To explore our used point of sale refurbishing process in more detail, call 866.462.1005.

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